Advocate Xolisile Khanyile appointed Chair of United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce

February 2024

United for Wildlife is delighted to announce the appointment of Advocate Xolisile Khanyile as the new Chair of our Financial Taskforce.

A long-time friend of United for Wildlife, Xolisile is a career prosecutor of 23 years, serving as Director of Public Prosecutions in South Africa for eight years and more recently as Director of South Africa’s Financial Intelligence Unit and Chair of the Egmont Group.

Xolisile also led the establishment of Africa’s first public-private partnership, the South African Anti- Money Laundering Integrated Taskforce (SAMLIT). The SAMLIT has been instrumental in integrating financial intelligence sharing in countering wildlife trafficking efforts in South Africa and has been one of the best examples of the United for Wildlife partnership model.

“The illegal wildlife trade is one of the most profitable and well organised environmental crimes. My vision is to create more effective partnerships, raise more awareness with law enforcement agencies so that they treat this growing profitable crime as the financial crime it is, and go after the syndicates who are profiting from this abhorrent trade. Using the follow the money principle, we will assist in disrupting the organised crime syndicates that are involved in illicit wildlife trade.”

Adv. Xolisile Khanyile

Having won multiple awards for her contributions to fighting financial crime, Xolisile succeeds David Fein as the new Chair of the United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce, while David moves into a new role as Co-Chair of United for Wildlife.


“Xolisile is a global leader in the fight against financial crime, including illegal wildlife trafficking. Her experience in South Africa and globally, including in leading and supporting public-private partnerships, make her an ideal person to lead our Financial Taskforce of over 60 financial institutions from around the world. We are excited to continue to work with her on this important mission.”

David Fein, Co-Chair of United for Wildlife