Regional training hubs

United for Wildlife is helping those working to protect wildlife by supporting capacity building activities which areĀ aimed at ensuring long-term impact.

With projects in Southern and Eastern Africa, as well as in India, United for Wildlife has supported training for over 100 rangers and protected-area managers.

As part of our ongoing commitment to conservation, we are also supporting regional training courses to help rangers get the training they need to respond to the threats from illegal wildlife trade and poaching. As part of this work, we continue to support trainee rangers to develop their skills and knowledge at the Southern African Wildlife College in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Over 20 years, the college has trained close to 15,000 people from 26 African countries, mostly from the Southern Africa region. United for Wildlife has been supporting a number of projects at the college including Field Ranger training, community engagement work and Protected Area Management training. Find out more in the below video