The United for Wildlife online learning platform now hosts eight courses covering multiple topics including marine conservation and illegal wildlife trade. Choose to start from the beginning or pick the courses that you want to learn about from:

  • Understanding conservation- Find out what conservation means and take a look at the amazing variety of life that makes up biodiversity.
  • People and conservation- Explore how effective conservation benefits people’s lives.
  • Conservation innovation- Find out more about how conservationists work to solve problems, saving species and habitats.
  • Take action- How you can be a part of conservation, whether it’s through your lifestyle choices, volunteering your time or even an exciting career in conservation.
  • Species & spaces- Find out about the different conservation prioritisation methods and how they are used on the ground
  • Worth more alive- Learn more about the illegal wildlife trade, why it is an issue and how you can help stop it.
  • Ocean optimism- Learn about the importance of marine life, the impacts that human activities have and what you can do to help.
  • Scientific expeditions- what they are, how to plan them and how they contribute to conservation.
  • Project planning- Learn the key steps in conservation project planning and design to improve conservation action on the ground.

We cater not only to those who can speak English, but also provide Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Hindi subtitles on some of our courses to enable learning about conservation all over the world!

The platform now has over 11,400 registered learners, get a taste of our courses by watching the video below or sign up now!